Friday, July 25, 2003

While hungry... and commiserating with Jenny about the places we want to eat but shouldn't (because one meal would contain about 3 days worth of calories), I came up with an idea. One day a month we should eat just the bad stuff we've been craving yet depriving ourselves of for the sake of our asses. So I think that day would look like this:

Breakfast @ IHOP (eggs benedict, hash browns, pancakes, etc.)

Lunch @ Pellegrinos (buffalo chicken sub w/blue cheese, maybe fries)

Dinner @ Dinosaur BBQ (pulled pork, corn bread, fries, maybe a couple beers)

Snacks @ the movies (popcorn and a giant coke... I'd like some popcorn with my butter please)

and, to finish off the evening...
Dessert @ Krispy Kreme (as many piping hot glazed as the ole bellies can handle)

That would be one helluva day!

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