Thursday, May 27, 2004

Jenny and I did the Corporate Challenge together today. (Joel ran too, but was much more serious and finished much sooner) 3.5 miles. Ran some, walked some. Got poured on. Thought the Corporate Challenge was going to turn in to the Corporate Wet T-shirt Contest... but then the sun broke and a full Rainbow appeared across the sky as we finished the second half.

We finished in 50 minutes. The things we'll do for free t-shirts and free food. And that free Kodak t-shirt is extra special. Jenny and Joel collaborated, Jenny designed it, I helped with the little tagline, and it won an award! Yay!

As for how I feel... I'm going to be sore. I'm going to have shin splints... and thigh splints... and ass splints. I'm going to be Adviled tomorrow. But my spirit and soul feel good.

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