Monday, May 17, 2004

As Jenny mentioned, we were in Ithaca yesterday. While in a little Kitsch store, I spotted foam clown noses. Backstory: Aaron hates clowns, I have belly button issues. Aaron often "pokes" fun about belly buttons (AAAHHH, even mentioning it is KILLING ME)... So I don't hesitate to harass him on the clown front....

So I covertly had Chuck buy 3 foam noses... armed Jenny, Chuck and myself... and as we got in the car, we all put on our noses... to our delight and to Aaron's disgust. We kept our noses on for most of the 2 hour ride home.

So here we are, 3 clowns and Aaron, riding in a green VW Bug through the countryside... Aaron spots a kid out raking in his yard, when suddenly, the rake breaks and the kid is left holding up an empty rake stick. So Aaron turned the car around*, we pulled up to the yard, looked at him with our clown noses, pointed and laughed... and drove away.

*OK, this part didn't actually happen... we didn't go back... Aaron started to, but we (me) chickened out. Aaron said we were all clown-talk and no action. We were pretty amused at the prospect of what could have been the funniest event in our lives... brainstorming things like yelling to the kid, "we got the call and came as fast as we could"... Protecting America, one site-gag at a time, as members of the Volunteer Clown Association of America... BAH HAH.

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