Tuesday, July 13, 2004

From my visit with Mya this past weekend to celebrate her second birthday...

Her current vocabulary (Aunt Tina's note: Mya was born 10 weeks early so is slightly behind developmentally, but, by age 4, her genius will far exceed that of any mere mortals)
- cheese (both for the camera and the food)
- auggie (for my doggie, Grizzy)
- uckie (for my hubby, her Uncle Chuckie)
- wa da (asking, what's that?)
- ball (yep, you guessed it, ball)
- bah (bye said with some unknown accent, perhaps she's secretly watching Sean Connery movies when no one is looking)

Words we're pretty convinced she said but has not reliably replicated:
- hello
- stitch
- grandma

Other Observations

She has a very outtie belly button that Aunt Tina may have to fund the surgery to get fixed since Aunt Tina has major belly button issues. We're talking an outtie of Lenny Kravitz proportions here. AAAAaaaahhh, I can barely type/think about it.

She holds up a finger for #1, then tries to do 2 but can't figure out how to hold down fingers 3 & 4.

She's very into nodding yes or no and is adament about her decisions

She is using the Leap Frog grocery cart to scan her face and her belly (wonder where in the world she got THAT idea!?)

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