Monday, July 12, 2004

I'm not sure if I think this is funny or sad... but Vince Niel is getting an extreme makeover... here's the article:

"Rocker Vince Neil begins a three-month extreme makeover today for MTV's version of "The Swan." "I call him `The Mallard,' " said Lia Gerardini, Neil's girlfriend. At 43, the frontman of the legendary rock group Motley Crue is the first rock star to join the reality re-do craze.

The new Neil will be revealed August 28, after seeing a lot of a trainer, a plastic surgeon and a lifestyle counselor. Starting today, he consults with a plastic surgeon and cuts out drinking.

"It's not just for me, but for my career," said Neil, who is in negotiations to reunite in January with Motley Crue, if he and former drummer Tommy Lee can get past their feud.

MTV is billing the show as "The Remaking of Vince Neil." At stake for Neil is a recording contract and the opportunity to work with a top producer and a recording artist.


Poor Vince, swapped out groupies for big gulps once grunge governed and fame fleeted, didn't you? You live in Vegas, so I know the In-n-Out burgers got you too, Vince. You love the double doubles with cheese, you KNOW you do!! It's all right, we're all friends here. Your safe now. We understand. You can be Anna Nicole-esque without surgery. We believe in you!

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