Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It's a Right Brain, Left Brain Thing

Today, Jenny and I attended a brainstorming session at work. Invited not as part of our jobs, but because a fellow employee recognized our creativity, unusual thinking, trendwatching and awareness of all things current. It was a very rare treat to have unspoken, unofficial, seemingly non-job-related talents recognized and utilized in a way that may actually help the company make money, rather than just making the environment fun for others (though we're good at that too).

It was a bit of a challenge to try express creative thoughts while amongst Nuclear Physicists and Material Scientists who want to talk about polymers and circuit boards, but it was an interesting, fun experience and Jenny and I came up with some kick-ass ideas. I just wish I'd have found this Strange Matter web site before the session.

For Those About to Rock

The t-shirt contest went well. I wore my vintage AC/DC concert shirt, circa 1981. Mind you, this is an authentic, earned shirt, not one bought off Urban Outfitters last week. That puppy is older than 99% of the pop stars that would sport it if I dared to sell it on eBay. (Yep, old and proud!) I didn't win, but I enjoyed rockin old school.

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