Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I've been a bad blogger. Keeping busy... update:

Truck broke down on the way home from 1000 Islands... lug nuts broke, wheel almost came completely off (would have surely caused havoc), waited 3 hours for a flatbed tow truck to bring us and the truck 106 miles to a garage 4.5 miles from home... as we begin to ride our bikes the rest of the way home, Chuck sees that his bike has a flat tire (no, REALLY)... I am already determined and defiant, so I ride my bike home, at 7:15pm, almost dark, 4.5 miles, ALL UPHILL... then get the car, drive back and get Chuck, who's bike won't fit in the car, so we wait another half hour for Jenny & Aaron to come help us and, after leaving the inlaws house at 1pm and missing Matt's going away party, we finally get home at 9pm that night. Whew!

The next day, my nephew Tyler Michael is born, doing well, but with a little hole in his heart (which shouldn't be a problem).

Mya is handling the new baby well for the most part, one meltdown yesterday, after which she broke into hives (watch out if she learns that she can use that to her advantage to gain sympathy)

Watched Bands Reunited - New Kids on the Block - have had "whoa oh oh oh oh" stuck in my head for the last week... just when I had escaped it, Jenny sang it again today, reigniting the insanity in my brain (she will pay)

Toronto was amazing, can't beat sitting there finishing up a nice dinner and seeing Colin Firth wander up!

Did more visiting/helping sis with two kids that are now, officially, "a handful".

In the midst of great joy at a new life come a deep, deep sadness that my Mom is not here to be the most loving, doting Grandmother to those kids.

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