Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ok, hubby is now officially addicted to Party Poker which means I may never have use of my home computer again.

Toronto was excellent, though I can't help myself from envisioning how the Colin encounter should have gone (no, I'm not talking raunchiness here, I'm talking conversation).

My brother is having major drama. I won't go in to detail, but let's just say he could easily provide rivetting content for a few of these reality shows for E!

Saw Jerry Seinfeld live tonight, totally hilarious. Even "Not so Goodtime Charlie" was laughing like crazy. Especially at all the wife jokes.

And finally, I heard on NPR that the Germans are developing a cell phone that detects bad breath. It's about damn time! Now we need a shirt that alerts you to BO and shoes that tell you you're a little unfresh. OK, I'm a little obsessed with smelling good.

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