Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Maybe I should rename my site "The Daily Buy" since shopping is also a focus... But first, I must rant.

Yes, I love food and I love to eat - but that doesn't mean I eat until I weigh 300 pounds. And, yes, I love to shop - but that doesn't mean I buy $300 purses or $400 shoes.

To the contrary, I have strong limits on what I will spend on any given item, limits that are likely much lower than most in my tax bracket. How much is too much? It varies depending on brand, opportunity, covet-ness, discount, etc. But in general, whether it's a Marc Jacobs or not, I am unlikely to pay more than $50 for a purse. Yet because I love to shop, some people assume I spend a boatload.

Maybe because I was brought up in poverty, I actually take offense to being considered a frivolous spender*, especially when the accusation is levied at me from my Sister's Mother-in-Law.

Seriously, can you believe I am being criticized by MY SISTER'S MOTHER-IN-LAW? That's what MY m.i.l. is for.

I get extra bitter when I think about the fact that our Mom would never comment on someone else's family like that. My Mom would have been the most wonderful Grandmother in the world to Mya and Tyler. Instead, they're stuck with this self-centered (not to mention alcoholic) person.

Rant over.

*This rant is not meant to criticize frivolous spenders. For them I say "more power to ya". It is meant to criticize my Sister's Mother-in-Law!

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