Sunday, December 12, 2004

Love, Actually is Putting me on The Edge of Reason

Parts of my life seem to mirroring Colin Firth movies, but not in the way you might think.

I'll start with the Portuguese I am trying to learn, ala Colin Firth in Love Actually. We are going to Brasil in a couple weeks for Daniela's wedding and I don't want to be a completely ignorant American who can't even attempt to communicate. But I did also, just in case, buy the Point It book with all the pictures of stuff you might need, and I will be surrounded by beautiful Brasilian women - Daniela, Mika, Sofia and Charlotte - who will help me shop =)

This weekend, we're visiting the in-laws, who live in Florida's premiere retirement hotspot, The Villages - smack dab in the middle of the state. Earlier today, we went to a Christmas brunch, where I felt like Bridget Jones, mainly because we were half as old as the majority of people there, and most of them were wearing Christmas jumpers.

And the worst of all, I'm spending most of my time here worried about my family. I'm like Laura Linney in 'Love Actually', on the phone all the time, trying to make their lives better while nearly sacrificing my own sanity.

At least it's sunny here, not very warm, but sunny.

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Tina*:) said...

Points for you trying to learn Portuguese! Have fun while you're at it!

Please make sure to make some quiet time for yourself. There's nothing like family issues to drive you over the edge! [I'm very certain of that!*;)]