Thursday, September 29, 2005


Even though Buddy ate my elephant, I have forgiven him. He got a nice new dog bed yesterday and finds it quite comfy.

On Saturday, Buddy and I are going to join Jenny & Oscar in the Barktoberfest walk to raise money for the animals.

We'd really love to earn the "fabulous long-sleeved T-shirt" and just need another $25, so if anyone can donate - even just $5 - please do! It will be greatly appreciated.

I know Jenny is offering an autographed photo of Oscar to those who donate, so I will do the same. Buddy is ready for his close up, Mr. Deville.


Aprille said...

I donated and the bone is up to $100 - does that get you a t-shirt?

nancy said...

I donated..I just found out you were fundraising today! Late but hopefully not too late!

Tina said...

Thanks ladies! I will be getting the t-shirt and the animals will be getting supported! YAY!