Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Buddy Beat

My brother was sure to inform me that Buddy LOVES going for rides and LOVES double cheeseburgers, so Sunday night, I took him for a ride to BK and got him one. I got me a Bacon Double - so you can see how this can be a dangerous precedent.

How am I rewarded for this? Does he sit and stare at me lovingly? Yes, but only for a short while. Then he disappears into the other room. I wonder, but am too distracted by Desperate Housewives. When he returns, I notice fuzz sticking out of his mouth. He has nearly eaten my little stuffed elephant that inadvertantly got left on a lower shelf.

See, though Buddy is one of the most obedient dogs I've ever witnessed, he has a weakness for stuffed animals. An addiction, one might say. He wants to grab hold and carry them around in his mouth and NOT LET GO, EVER.

So in trying to get the elephant back, with distraction techniques a failure, I pried his jaws open and released the elephant... but it was too late. The trunk had been chewed off and it was covered in a slimy layer of dog saliva.

Goodbye Leetle Elefant, you were a good friend.

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Tina*:) said...

Not the elephant!