Wednesday, September 21, 2005


My brother's dog Buddy arrived from Las Vegas yesterday. We are going to give him love and attention while my brother gets his life back on track.

Buddy is a very tall (as in, "hey, what's this on the counter" tall), intimidating looking Doberman, but is really a big, sweet baby. He carries around his toy and wants to sit on your lap. I am going to enjoy having Buddy around, despite the fact that at 3am, he nuzzled my face and needed to go pee. He's still on west coast time. =)

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Tina*:) said...

Isn't that neat to think that doggies [as well as other transplanted animals] experience the lag? I never thought about it, but now you've brought it up it makes me laugh! hahahaha....

Happy Days to Buddy and you, too!