Friday, April 14, 2006

I am so addicted to reality shows. But the competition-based and how-to-improve-yourself-or-your-kids ones, not necessarily the watch-us-live-together and either hate-each-other-or-have-sex kind (not that those aren't fun to watch either).

American Idol, Top Chef, Next Food Network Star, American Inventor... all on my Faux-Tivo.

Nanny 911, Supernanny, Honey We're Killing the Kids (or, as it could be more accurately titled, How Not to Raise Fat Lazy Ugly Kids), Shalom in the Home, What Not to Wear, 10Years Younger... all helping me to be a better dressed parent.

PS, here are my picks for the competition shows:

American Idol - Chris (gotta go with the Rocker this time)

Top Chef - Lee Ann

Next Food Network Star - Guy

American Inventor - The Un-brella


Anonymous said...

You make me really want cable! Until I get it, and those great cooking shows, I'm trying to get by with Celebrity Cooking Showdown, but I just can't get into it :(

Candy Minx said...

Ooh, a fellow reality tv addict. I Love LOVE top Chef. I agree I think it will be Lee Ann. I think I have developed some kind of a crush on Harold and after last night he seems sweeter than ever. But does he have the killer instinct? I hate American Idol, but watch it too...I always thought McPhee would win from her first audition, but then my girlfriend said a guyw as gonna win...she thinks there is a pattern. So I would then choose Chris. Was so gald to see Ace dropped, I hope Pickler is next. They all seem like phony persona and that is depressing. Um, I watch a lot of low-brow Reality too. You have good taste with the classy shows. I also watch Survivor, The Bachellorette, Beauty and The Geek, Surreal Life, Amazing Race.

I enjoy your blog super fun!