Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hello, my name is Tina and I am a SuDoku addict. I remember back in November at Sit & Knit, Lisa mentioned SuDoku and I had never tried it and didn't think I'd be interested. Then, while on bed rest at the hospital, I did one (or tried to do one) in the newspaper. It's like crystal meth - it only takes once to become addicted.

I now buy any SuDoKu book I can get my hands on, grab abandoned newspapers, and play on my cell phone. Yikes!

PS - Natalie, can you send me an email, I don't have your email address at home.


Aprille said...

I've heard many others say this, but maybe - like some smokers - the addictive chemical doesn't hit me. J got me a book of SuDoku for Xmas and I've done several. But I only ever want to do one puzzle a day, at most, because I get really tired of counting to 9.

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Peg said...

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