Monday, April 24, 2006

Our second baby shower was yesterday - the one Jenny threw for us. It was fabulous, especially the favors and the pulled pork, mmm. Jenny is so damn creative and generous. I am so lucky. Sarah and Lisa also made the most adorable jungle animal cupcakes... and they were delicious too - I hoarded a few to take home.

Jenny also made an awesome picture - Lauren's name spelled out in photos of letters (I will post a picture soon). It will be a family treasure.

We got lots of other great things too, now I just need a bigger house for all Little L's stuff!

Little L, though doing pretty good, is still going to the eye dr every week, still not passed the hearing test on her right ear, still having reflux and spitup issues, still having lung/breathing issues (she's a periodic breather or something like that), has thrush, and is not gaining enough weight (a problem I wish I had). She has to go for an Upper GI in a few weeks to rule out any malformations of the gastrointestinal gear. I'm not too worried because I think she is spitty from her medicine.

She like to stare at the tv, which scares me, because I know she is genetically predispositioned to want to watch hours of E! Entertainment Television.


Anonymous said...

Sorry little Miss Lauren isn't in tip top shape yet, but I'm so glad to hear she's improving. And in pictures she looks like the perfect little baby already!

And as for you, saw some pictires on ljc and you look great too - to look at you wouldn't know you've been through so much! You look very healthy and happy.

Congratulations again to the happy family!

kaymaria said...

The shower looked wonderful! And the picture, OH, the picture!!!!!

Do you just get weepy around all the people that love and adore you? My friend is already planning my shower and it's not til 9/9! "It's not just a shower, it's an EVENT," she says as I dab a tear or two and try to blame it on the hormones.

Elaine said...

So nice to see your smile in ljc's pictures. Looked like some event and those cupcakes! What a great group of friends you have. We love ljc & friends! Thanks for sharing.