Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long... time just flies... so here's a recap of the past couple weeks:

- San Fran/Emeryville: Jamba, In-N-Out Burger, cupcakes, sunshine, cool work environment and people, IKEA, missed Lauren

- Easter: dysfunctional family was semi-normal

- The Namesake: awesome movie

- Ben & Jerry's: yum

- TV: The Tudor's is better each week, Sanjaya is FINALLY gone - Jordin is kicking ass but Blake is pretty cool, hurry new Heroes, Betty's getting a little too self righteous, Bones & House good stuff, need to catch up on my Sopranos and Entourage...

- Laughing: this video with Will Farrell talking to his "Landlord" is very funny... kind of disturbing... but funny.

- Lauren: more words - up, walk (auck, auck), bottle, outside (sigh), signs (milk, more), and FIRST STEPS - caught on video... as she has the remote in hand and is heading to the TV - yikes, like Mother, like Daughter... is it genetic or environmental to be a tv addict? (I do try to keep it off most of the time when she's up)

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Charlie said...

I have been visiting your blog since before you had Lauren and it amazes me how fast time flies. She's already walking! Talking! Wow. It seems like she was just born!