Tuesday, August 07, 2007

After the hell that was Sat and Sun morning, I felt well enough to go on my business trip to San Fran Monday morning (Lauren & Daddy are doing much better too). On the plane, watched Spidey 3 (ok) and Blades of Glory - was laughing out loud. Totally stupid hilarious humor. Some real genius lines, like, "I see you have learned to work the Google on the internet machine."

The trip is going very well so far, though chilly, which I am finding to be a refreshing change from the near 90 and very humid weather back home. Took a few pics with my cam phone, when I went to review them, they are not there, not sure what happened. So gone is the picture of the R2D2 mailbox along with a couple others.

Great food so far too. Last night Judy (my boss) and I ate at Cafe Claude, an adorable little French place. I had Coq au Vin for the first time, along with Gratin Dauphinois (Au Gratin potatoes - Betty Crocker, hang your head in shame). DELISH!!! I highly recommend it.

This morning we had breakfast at Cafe de la Presse - again (by coincidence - we were just happening by) - a French cafe type place. Cappuccino was perfect. I got Eggs Benedict and Judy got Vanilla French Toast and we swapped half of each (this is what Jenny and I love to do - and I was so happy that Judy likes to share food too!!) and both were heavenly. Again, highly recommend it.

Both are near Union Square.

And tonight, after a very long day of watching focus groups, Judy and I hopped the trolley to Fisherman's Wharf to eat In-N-Out Burger.

I can go home happy now.


Anonymous said...

I missed you just little over a week*:( We didn't get to see the city as much as we wanted, but Spritle was definitely in LOVE with SF.
I think I'll take him back in the very near future, and will keep your eateries in mind*:)

Aprille said...

Crepe o Chocolat at 75 OFarrell is really good and if you can get a vendor to take you out, insist on Bix, it's a very cool experience.

ljc said...

From the fact that you are taking pictures with your camera phone, I am guessing you didn't bring your "real" camera. Jeremy Piven will probably sit next to you at the airport now.

Tina said...

Oh P_Tina, I wish our paths had crossed. I think we are definitely destined to meet one of these days!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi East Coast Tina! Definitely! I know it's going to happen*:) Hope all are healthy and happy!