Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This week, along with reading Lauren her favorite books, playing ring around the rosy, blowing bubbles, vowing never to buy toys made in China, still allowing a tiny bit of Baby Einstein DVD viewing, and trying to get her to warm up to my little bro (who looks like a chubbier, scarier, red-headed Jesus), I've been watching tv after the little one is in bed (shocking)...

...finale of Hell's Kitchen (yay Rock), new season of Design Star, snippets of The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and, my fave, So You Think You Can Dance. It's American Idol for dancers. The finalists are really amazing and many of the routines are breathtaking (yes, I might even buy a ticket for the tour). I am rooting for Neil, he does some crazy good jumps - and he's very cute (though so is Danny). The finale is tomorrow night and I will likely be voting for Neil. You should too.

Here are two of my favorite dance routines:

Neil & Sabra dance Jazz to Annie Lennox

Neil & Sara Disco (Sara was amazing too, especially since she was a B-girl - which means her dance style was a street, hip-hop type of dance)


Aprille said...

I wanted Bonnie to win, actually. I didn't like Rock's "what the" face he made way too often and I thought Bonnie was more creative. Bummer she couldn't plan the linguine and put dingbat on fish/ pasta.

Anonymous said...

Go Sabra! Go Danny!