Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Was over in Emeryville today visiting Kodak Gallery. Had dinner at Skates on the Bay - it was a great view and the food was great too. I had Lobster Mac & Cheese - YUM - and Judy shared one of her scallops. I'd never had scallops before - I am a convert - it was excellent.

I talked to my little bro on the phone earlier today (little only as in younger - 28). He had been living in Vegas (he was born there and lived there until he was 11, then moved to NY, then back to Vegas a couple years ago) - he was working as a cab driver (which I think is just the coolest thing - to meet all walks of Vegas life) - but alas, he is young and stupid and irresponsible and therefore broke, so he is moving back home to NY to live with his Mom (my StepMom).

He was calling from the road - driving from Vegas - and was about 100 miles outside of Rochester. He didn't know I was in California, but I hope to see him on Friday.

I am sure Lauren will look at him like, "who the hell are you and what is that THING growing out of your face?" And Adam will look at her like, "she's cute, but I'm not touching her." I'm sure at some point she will become comfortable with him as her Uncle and he will become comfortable with her as a tiny person who goes to the bathroom in her pants.

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That last paragraph just cracks me up.