Wednesday, September 27, 2000


I have a problem. I was recently prescribed antibiotics and I'm supposed to take one tablet, twice a day, on an empty stomache. That means two hours after eating and/or one hour before eating. You have no idea how big of a problem this is for me, because about the only time I've gone 2 hours without eating and can wait another hour is at 2 am while sound asleep.

I think I've only had an empty stomach a few times in life, once at Woodstock because a hot dog cost $95.

So it's already 5pm and I have yet to take my first one of the day. Let's see, at 8am it was breakfast, at 10 am it was rice krispee treats, at noon it was two big-ass slices of pizza. Ooops, just when I've almost made it for 2 hours without eating, I slip in another rice krispee treat. And now dinner's rapidly approaching...

I never thought taking antibiotics would be the catalyst for facing the reality of my obsession with food, but it is. I need help.

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