Monday, September 25, 2000


I'm still feeling rebellious today. It started last week when I ate toffee popcorn despite the fact that I had a fragile gob of stitches in my mouth (the stitch gob later succombed to the oral abuse). Today I decided not to go to a meeting that almost everyone was supposed to go to. Normally I'm the first to jump at corporate duty (related to the Psychology of the Candy perhaps?). Anyway, today I said "screw it, I honestly don't care so I'm not going to go up there, despite the very tempting offer of free lunch, and pretend to pay attention while fantasizing about Alexei Nemov.".

So there, nya nya nya.

I'm getting out of hand - scaring myself - I think I'm going to go home and eat a whole bottle of baby aspirin! Ha!

License to Eat

Apparently I picked up my license to eat early Friday. It started with Jo's rice krispee treats, I couldn't stop myself, and led to a sugar, fat, and calorie fest that lasted the entire weekend. Sunday ended up being one of those, "I've-eaten-so-badly-this-weekend-I-might-as-well-go-completely-nuts-
and-get-the-rest-of-the-cravings-out-of-my-system-then-start-eating-healthy-tomorrow" days. Unfortunately, I seem to have those kind of days a couple times a week =) My weekend food fest included such lovelies as cake (ok, actually just buttercream frosting. Sugar and lard, two things that go great together - right Jenny?), pizza, donuts and brie, just to name a few... Oh, and three giant French Vanilla Cappuccinos mmmmmmmmmm.... "My name is Tina and I'm a cappucinoaholic".

My license has been revoked - today it's back to fruit and fat-free hot dogs (yuck).

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