Friday, September 22, 2000

Stitch Gob Update

Uh oh, I think I ruptured my stitch-gob. It started yesterday when I cracked into a bag of toffee popcorn. Can I just admit, right here and now, that no physical limitations will stop me from eating the food I really want to eat. I could have had all my teeth removed (scary thought) and still be able to throw down a bowl of Captain Crunch (I'd just let it sit in milk a really long time and get soggy - that's an easy one).

So anyway, there I was, knowing that I shouldn't eat toffee popcorn, knowing that it could easily rip out my stitches, and I didn't care, I had to have the toffee popcorn. That's me for ya... food fanatic... nothing stops me. More on that subject later... As for now, I'm walking around with a little piece of thread dangling inside my mouth and if I thought the tonguing was a problem before (see yesterday's blog), it's 10 times worse now. Not sure what to do and the dentist isn't in. I'll just keep fondling it with my tongue until it get's worse... And I'm stilll going to eat whatever I want - I'm such a rebel.

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