Sunday, December 17, 2000

Decorating Tips

In the spirit of the holidays, found this lovely little link to the new online MAD magazine. Click on the link for Christmas lights you may have missed.


Friday was my last hurrah (my most current last hurrah anyway) in the pigging-out department. I started out with a gigantic cappuccino (yum!), then got in to work and indulged in Lazypalooza (a junk food fest). I proceeded to eat everything imaginable: potato chips, cocktail weenies, tortilla chips with cheese, easy cheese and crackers, cheetos, pepperoni, cheesecake and last, but certainly not least, a krispy kreme for dessert. And after all that, I'll have to be honest and say that I was miffed no one brought in double stuff oreos.

My shame over eating so much led me to do a little surfing and I found this lovely little ditty, "those who commit the Sin of Gluttony are punished in Hell by being forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes". All I can say is, "Can I get some Dinosaur BBQ sauce and a side of fries with that?" as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

The Road to Recovery

Today I am recuperating from a weekend of dancing my a** off. For a 32-year-old, I can still groove like I'm 22, but I suffer more the next day. Friday night Tony dj'd at the Bug Jar and Abby and I danced for 3 hours straight. Then we turned around and did the same thing on Saturday night. I don't know how it is that I can dance for 3 hours straight with barely a bathroom break but at work I can't even climb one flight of stairs without sounding like the little asthmatic kid on "Malcolm in the Middle".

But the last hurrah (providing a good dose of junk-food-craving satiation) and all the dancing (hopefully equating to many burned calories) has finally, **I think**, gotten me on the track to eating better. I said 5 Hail Marys and started drinking lots of water again. I just hope nobody brings in Krispy Kremes this week because that little angel on my shoulder will knock someone down to get to a k.k. donut.

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