Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Hello, my name is Tina and I'm a Cosmetics Addict

Christmas came and went, without much ado. Calm, quiet, generous, and filling (oh yeah, and fulfilling too). I gave some great gifts and got some great gifts. I'm spoiled.

Hubby got me stuff from Skinmarket. I know, it sounds like a porn store. It's not. It's a store I found out west that has the yummiest of beauty goodies. Hair masques, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, body sprays, skin care, makeup, nail polish... all that smell good enough to eat! As I opened my gifts, the feeling of joy I felt when walking into this store for the first time came flooding back like an overflowing tub filled with mango-rasberry scented bath salts. Hubby wins the 'even-though-I'm-a-virgo-and-believe-in-practical-gifts-I-will-indulge- my-wifey-with-even-more-beauty-products-anyway' award!! I love that man.

I don't necessarily wear alot of makeup, but I certainly OWN alot. I love it! I love the way all those eyeshadows look inside that little drawer. All the pretty colors. So what if I actually only use one or two - I feel good just knowing I have them. Same goes for hair products. I have stuff to straighten my hair, stuff to curl my hair, stuff to tame the frizz, stuff to make it smell nice, stuff to make it shiny, stuff to make it thick, stuff to make it stay. Sometimes I use both the curl enhancer and the straightener just to see what happens. My hair looks different every day so I can't pinpoint what works well and what doesn't, so I just buy more to see if something new will work best.

There must be a name for this disorder. My brother would say, "yeah, it's called a shopoholic". Maybe.

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