Friday, April 06, 2001

I went to pick up my dry cleaning yesterday. I had four pair of pants, two sweaters and a skirt, all in shades of either gray or black. I don't experiement with color too often, I like the classic neutral tones, "safe style". So imagine my shock and horror when the clerk guy grabs a gaggle of hangers holding what I can only explain as a bunch of sweaters that were probably even considered hideous back in 1977 when they were IN style. Heavy knits with bright colors (one had that lovely turquoise, orange, yellow and pink combination thing going). I could only mutter with great disgust, "uh, those are the WRONG sweaters." The clerk guy says something to the effect of "are you sure" - as if he could totally picture me in one of these alert-the-fashion-police-we-have-a-live-one-here garments. Ugh, the indignity of it all.

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