Thursday, April 26, 2001


The other day at lunch, Jenny pointed at my yogurt and granola and said (in a very accusing but concerned tone), "Is that all you're going to eat for lunch?! Do you know that if you don't get enough calories, it's very bad for you... " etc. etc. etc. I said, "don't you worry about me, I'm going to have dinner at my Mom's tonight and I'm sure I will eat enough calories for 2 days." Sure enough, got to Mom's and had the following:

- 3 pieces of italian bread w/butter (would've eaten more but it had sesame seeds on the crust)
- tuna noodle casserole
- a piece of cube steak
- a tall, cool glass of Coca-cola
- a frosted jelly donut
- a few of grandma's cookies

Yep, I'd say at least 2K, and that doesn't include the hand full of Whoppers I ate 5 minutes after I got back from lunch with yogurt remnants still on my tongue.

Nope, I don't think anyone will ever have to worry that I'm not getting enough calories!

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