Wednesday, April 18, 2001


I found out this week that my girlfriend Noel's Dad dropped dead on Friday. He literally was fine one minute, playing golf with his son and son-in-law... on the 13th hole (irony?)... and the next suddenly fell over dead. He was only 53. Noel said he had come home from work early on Thursday and played with her kids all day. At least her last memories of him will be happy ones, not a consolation at this point though.

She called me for support, knowing that I had lost my Dad and, in some way, looking for answers about how she should feel. I wanted to tell her that it gets easier, but I don't think I totally believe that. In some ways it's easier, 10 years later... in some it's more difficult. I, of course, didn't really have answers for her because everyone deals with grief in their own way, but I think she was relieved to have someone who could relate on some level.

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