Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Seventh Heaven

I'm still floating on air from yesterday's fun-filled activities. I woke up and almost immediately won the opportunity to go to WBER to have meet and have lunch with Guster - my favorite band. Holy crap, could this day get ANY better? So I grab Abby, we ditch the First Annual Kodak.com Chili Cookoff, I leave my crock pot of chili in Jenny's hands, and we head to wber. We meet the band, I give them brownies and Grandma's homemade pizzelles in an attempt to suckup and maybe, just maybe, have them remember me if, for nothing else, my ability to bake a mean batch of Betty Crocker brownies. Joey called me a psycho fan and made Adam very weary of eating my brownies... but he finally gave in and munched one and gave me the thumbs-up.

Basically we (the fans) spent most of the time standing or sitting around, eating pizza, listening to Guster give their interview. Two and a half hours later, the interview finally ended and Guster came and spent about 20 minutes with us. Ryan drew me a picture of my Grandma making cookies... very cool, even though he didn't get the shoes quite right. They were all so nice and personable. I showed Brian the mc3 and the 4800 because, after reading in his road diary that their digital camera is old and decrepid, I thought I'd try to get Kodak to donate one to the cause. It's not quite worked out yet because of course Kodak wants some sort of link or something, but I took the opportunity to show off the cameras - and especially the opportunity to get my picture taken with them =) Here are some pics:

Me and Brian... as it was being taken Brian said, "best friends" (sure, he says that during every fan photo).

Ryan drawing the picture of my Grandma

Adam using the mc3 to take a video. Download the video.

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