Wednesday, March 20, 2002

The Envelope Please

Jenny was surprised to find out that the Oscar nominees receive gift baskets. Oh YES, they receive quite the basket of loot... Even those who PRESENT an Oscar get a basket worth about $20K. Barely a drop in the bucket for them, but hey, I tend to want to believe that no matter how rich you are, you always love getting free gifties. Apparently, things that are "bejeweled" are preferred. Here's some of what they're getting:

A Victoria Secret Bejeweled Bra

Motorola V70 cellphone. Hey, you can win one at

Coach custom made director chairs

Then the presenters get stuff like this:
- Ebel stainless steel watches
- Tag Heuer Sport Vision sunglasses
- Loveletters Loungewear
- Free visit for BriteSmile Whitening treatment
- Tempur-Pedic mattress (gift certificate)
- Birkenstock shoes
- Piquadro cigar and flask holder
- Frette robe
and more...

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