Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Restroom Rant

In all this travelling I'm doing, I've had to frequent alot of public toilets. Many annoying/upsetting things have happened, here are some:

Those toilet seat cover things rip into 3 pieces before you can even TRY to place it on the seat, then it falls into the water just as you're sitting down. Whoever invented them should give back any profit they've made and be forced to live in an old refrigerator box.

The automatic toilet flushes while your still sitting on the f**ing toilet

The plastic t.p. holder pops open and bonks you on the head.

The tp holder is so tight, as soon as you pull one square, it rips... so you have to rip off enough one square at a time for a decent wipe.

I'm the only person in the bathroom, in about the middle of a row of at least 10 stalls, with 10 empty stalls on the other side... I hear footsteps, then a women enters the stall DIRECTLY NEXT to mine!! How insane is that? Nineteen other stalls to choose from and she's gotta be RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Get the *F* away from me!

The only decent public restroom I've been in is at the Chicago airport. Lots of nice features. For one, you gotta LOVE the plastic covered toilet seat that automatically advances to present a clean portion of plastic. They also have larger doors for better privacy, they have sensors on everything so you don't have to touch stuff and they mist in a lemony scented spray to keep things smelling nice. I'm also convinced that they pipe in white noise so you CAN'T hear a pin drop (among with some more unpleasant noises) like most public bathrooms. The head of facilities at Ohare should win a Nobel Peace Prize. Why hasn't the rest of the world caught up yet?

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