Sunday, March 03, 2002

Good Stuff

As I'd previously mentioned, I was very much looking forward to shopping at Sephora and Skinmarket while in Las Vegas. I spent an hour at Sephora and only bought one little eyeshadow, but I went buggy at Skinmarket. Here's what I got (in addition to a few gifty items):

At Sephora, I bought a Vincent Longo eyeshadow because they were cute. The one with the dark plum outside and the pinkish purple flower.

Then I got all these goodies at Skinmarket:

Love is: smooth, Pomegranate Sugar Scrub
-- haven't tried it yet but if it's like the Orange Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub, it will be luscious --

tancho tique
hair control stick
from Japan
-- cool pkg, nothing special though --

brown sugar
fragrance spray

orange vanilla scented
-- mmmmmmm, I smell yummy! --

double dates
lip and cheek glaze
-- good color, has a built in mirror, very portable --

anti-acne spot treatment
-- smells very nice, not sure it works --

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