Friday, June 06, 2003

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Been busy and travelling. Here's a quick rundown of the past few weeks:

- worked out alot with Jenny, cut down on carbs, ate lots of dairy, lost a bit of weight

- saw Finding Nemo, loved it... "seamonkeys stole my money"... Duuuude, SEE IT!

- celebrated 12 years of marriage - and yes, I STILL like him and still find him to be a hottie

- got ready to go to LA....

- client had hooked us up with tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live... so looked up guest for June 2nd.. read... George Clooney... heart palpitations, nearly fainted... pinched myself... looked again... DAMMIT JANET... it actually said George Lopez... along with others I'd never heard of... ugh! Cried myself to sleep... my luck doesn't allow me to see Seth Green and Staind.. or Kelly Osborne, or Tyra Banks and Jay Mohr... nope, I get an unknown pickpocket and a barely famous comedian.

- went to LA...

- immediately got a Banana Berry Blitz Power Smoothie at Jamba

- hiked Runyon Canyon, was a dog whore* (*term coined by Jenny and Aaron for someone who pets every dog they see)

- ate at Jones, had a potential Justin Timberlake sighting, but couldn't verify

- had successful business meetings

- went to Jimmy Kimmel Live - lame guests, fake enthusiasm required of the audience... but overall, interesting experience

- went to Universal Studios - work related - prefer Disney

- dinner with clients at Lola's - homemade mac & cheese, mmmmm

- back to gloomy Rochester

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