Thursday, June 19, 2003

So I'm a traveling fool... off to LA again on Sunday (for work), then to Vegas for a short, side-trip to visit my brother. The BET Awards will be on while I'm in LA - right at the Kodak Theatre where we're installing kiosks - could be potential to see some big stars (Halle, Denzel, Magic, Beyonce... maybe they'll play with our kiosk... that would be very cool)... though with my luck in that area, I'll probably only see Gary Coleman.

My brother is going to move to LA soon to pursue his acting career. Can't wait to ride on his coat-tails! Then again, the NY Megalotto is $175 MILLION dollars, so maybe I won't have to wait. How SWEET would that be?

I'd be very generous to my family and friends and my favorite charitable causes, of course, but there'd be some reserved for frivolous stuff... having Jamba flown in*, hiring a cook, getting a kitten, but hiring a maid to clean DAILY so my sister could still visit and not have an allergy attack, fly to NY every wednesday just to eat Pomme Frittes (Jenny - I think we could work those calories off with our [price-is-right-come-on-down voice] NEW PERSONAL TRAINER, BOB)

*Jenny and I already discussed the best way to do this - put the smoothies in an insulated cooler, slap on a "LIVE ORGAN" sticker, and go thru the airport screaming "Let me through, a life is in the balance here!"

A girl can dream.

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