Friday, June 27, 2003

Vegas Baby

Let me start by saying, I'm not a brave gambler. I get nervous about losing money and I get nervous approaching the tables..

Well, at the Hard Rock Hotel tonight, after playing the nickel slots for ~2 hours for minimal cash and drinking four small tequila sunrises (which I'm positive had nearly nill alcohol in them), I got brave and played Blackjack. It was $10 minimum, which is too rich for my blood, but I said screw it - I wanted to play a couple hands... won some, lost some... got out of there down $35 (left with $30 in chips). Slightly stressful, but fun. Didn't lose enough to cause an ulcer, but couldn't help but think, "that $ would have bought me a nice pair of shoes" (even though I had already bought two pairs of shoes today).

Tomorrow we're going to play the $2 tables at the Suncoast - that's more my speed. Maybe I'll go crazy and play some craps too.

I laugh that most people visiting Vegas lose more in 5 minutes than I lose in 3 days, but it doesn't stop me from stressin.

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