Wednesday, December 24, 2003

We exchanged gifts with Jenny & Aaron last night... J & A had done the most adorable wrapping job, completing each gift with Oscar sticker nametags. Jenny made me a very cute shirt, sticking with the heart theme of last year. Gifts are so much more special when they are made for you. I tried to pretend like I made the Nigella measuring cups I got for her, but that joke only went so far...

She showered me with other gifties too, including a small christmas tree (as she knows I'm still a little too Christmas-leary-lacky-cheery to have a big tree), Rudolph character ornaments for the tree, and a Starbucks espresso cup ornament, which I WILL be using as a real cup after the holidays =) And Origin's Peace of Mind gumballs, which I will probably chew up while trying to survive having the family over on Friday.

Hubby also got good gifties, enough poker chips to start his own Celebrity Poker Showdown. Now if only he could get Jude Law to show up, because, according to my Jane magazine, he is the celeb I am destined to kiss this year.

And Oscar got Grizzy a Pug "The Dog" Squeaky Toy and a huge bag of biscuits. Grizzy is quite pleased!

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