Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Food Fragrances are the New Black

Jenny and I love beauty products that smell like food. Some of my favorites include DuWop Buttercream Lotion, Jaqua Girls Marshmallow Cocoa Body Whip, Chocolate Head hair conditioner, Aqualina Pink Sugar fragrance, and the no-longer-available Skinmarket Brown Sugar Body Scrub (which smelled so yummy, it started a bad self-sniffing habit).

Now there are a few new ones I must try, including Jessica Simpson's new Dessert Beauty line, which has Whipped Body Cream With Candy Sprinkles. Mmmm.

And The Bakery, which has White Chocolate Mousse Bath BonBons.

And Fresh Body Market, Inc., which has Coco Banana Slush (body soap).

Now I just need Krispy Kreme to bottle that wall-o-glaze scent and I'll be set for life. Heck, I'd bet the glaze itself could double as product. I'd wash with it, moisturize with it, condition my hair with it, soften my cuticles with it, let it get hard and crumbly, then exfoliate with it... I think I'm on to something here...

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