Friday, April 30, 2004

Free Samples --> P*nis Reading

Found a website with lots of links for free stuff... so I surfed a bit - gotta love samples and such... found a link for a free sample of Astroglide... was curious... clicked... lo and behold, the site has an entire "Astrofun" section with an especially nice little gem on "The Ancient Art of P*nis Reading". I kid you not.

The internet. Enabling proliferation of obscure information since 1994 (all information posted prior to 1994 was actually useful).

Oh, and screw the lo-carb thing, get a free sample of Smorz cereal and eat the whole thing while on your way in from the mailbox.

** I edited this blog because I think some crawlers or unseedy characters were finding me based on the words...

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