Monday, April 05, 2004

Mascot Aerobics

While we're on the subject of costumed characters, Abby told me that she heard that the guy who dresses as the Moose mascot for the Rochester Amerks hockey team loses 7 lbs a game! Which, with my twisted thinking and ever-present quest to lose weight quickly (me and about 1 billion other women's)... this info sparked an idea...

Characterobics!... don't just wear a mascot costume... learn to BE a mascot. Lose weight while building your fallback career.

Brilliant! Richard Simmons - lookout!

However, after reading the "Troubleshooting" section of MascotNet - The Comprehensive Site for Mascots and Administrators - [section #5: Hugging/Touching Children: Don't let our hand stray to any part of a person that could be interpreted as unacceptable. Many mascots have lost their jobs due to "straying hands"] I'd say my theory (from yesterday) is not so far fetched. It's a costumed-character conspiracy, I tell ya!

The Characterobics class will teach proper conduct, utilizing advice from our own Rochester Moose who says, "When dealing with children, I have always practiced "the head and back" rule. When interacting with them, you mess up their hair, pat on the head, etc. For hugging it is on the back, above the belt."

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