Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Rochester is all abuzz about the Fast Ferry. It's finally here (after a long trip from Australia). The ability to take a nice, leisurely trip to Toronto is within our grasp.

I think alot of people here get the impression that the Ferry is supposed to save time or money. To the contrary, it's a bit pricey and with drive time to the lake added on to sailing time, a longer trip overall. But you won't to concentrate on driving or get all nervous pulling up to the border guard and when they ask what you're going to Canada for, blurt out "BIRTHDAY!" as opposed to the rational response of "we are travelling to your great land to celebrate our friend Tina's birthday at the lovely Butterfly Conservatory in your wonderful country."

You can even eat, drink, shop, connect to the internet, watch tv or catch a movie on the Ferry. They may even have gambling. SIGN ME UP!

The flipside... we may be recieving large groups of drunk Canadians on our shore soon. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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