Monday, March 28, 2005

Bird Nerd

Yes, I'm rapidly becoming a Bird Nerd.

Kodak has two Peregrine Falcons nesting on our tower. Six years ago, decided to set up a Birdcam sitelet, to watch the Peregrines nest, lay eggs, hatch eyases, then fly off for the winter... and it's been wildly popular. I've peripherally followed the birds, though not quite dedicated enough to go stand out on the bridge on my lunch hour to watch them. As a former docent at our local zoo, I am, however, a bunny hugger, and have great love for anything furry and cute (ok, not anything... Robin Williams doesn't quite make my list).

So now that I am part of the team, I can't tear my eyes away from these two beautiful birds - at least on the website. I'm still not trekking outside at lunch - not until Falcon Watch 2005, where I can yell into a walkie talkie "WE HAVE A BIRD DOWN, I REPEAT, BIRD DOWN" and save one of the fledglings lives. Then I will be a full-on Bird Nerd and proud of it!

And, as Lis spotted, I'm even showing up on the site here and there. Can't determine if that's a perk or a peril.

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