Monday, March 07, 2005

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... I just haven't been too inspired.

I did have a great weekend.

Friday, hub & I and Jenny & Aaron went to see Bride and Prejudice, a Bollywood movie. It was dazzling with a little cheese sprinkled on top.

Saturday, Jenny, Aaron & I hit the slopes and went snowboarding. I litterally hit the slope... with my head... when I fell after getting off the lift. CRACK! My head bounced like a basketball. Today the tendons in my neck are sore, but otherwise it was alot of fun and worth a bit of pain.

Yesterday I visited my Sis and we took the little ones to Chuck E. Cheese. More like Chuck E. Birthcontrol. Holy Chaos Batman! I'm also going to just go ahead and say this and probably be unpopular for it, but little boys are nightmares with legs (though I'm sure they're adorable when they're sleeping =)

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fillyjonk said...

Chuck E. Birthcontrol! hahahahahahaha! I love it! I'm gonna steal that line.

I have been to a Chuck E. Cheese exactly once in my life - I was about 10 or so and my little brother had been begging and pleading to go, so my parents took us. I hated it even then.