Tuesday, March 08, 2005

$789 per Inch

A vicious cirlce I like the sounds of... spend more money on cosmetics and clothes --> earn more money to buy more cosmetics and clothes.

A study found that attractive people earn more money... But that "anyone can increase their attractiveness to others if they maintain good eye contact, act upbeat, dress well, and listen well." The researcher says to, "stand straight, tuck in your stomach, hold your head high, and smile at those you meet" and "you will begin to be treated with more warmth and respect." Sounds like Stepford Wife training rather than research.

and size matters, too...

another study found that "tall people earn considerably more money throughout their careers than their shorter coworkers, with each inch adding about $789 a year in pay".

Whoa, Aaron is in for a nice salary. Good thing, because what Jenny lacks in height, she far makes up for in beauty.

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Matthew said...

Actually, it's far worse than just earning more money. Social Psych studies have shown that attractive people get better jobs, tend to be treated better in most situations and are on average more happy. They also tend to me more well liked.

Makes you feel sorry for the rest of the world, huh?

Note the above was a joke.

- Matt