Wednesday, June 28, 2006

For the last two mornings, Lauren has cried for the entire half-hour morning commute. The ear-piercing Birth Control Cry. Last week she was falling asleep within moments of the rubber hitting the road. This week, she is putting me on the highway to hell.

She's also comes home from my sister's smelling like food. The other night, she smelled like a donut. It was so distinct, it nearly sent me into a Krispy Kreme frenzy.

The following night, it was still a donut, but this time a chocolate donut. Yet another near desperate trip to K.K.

And yesterday, I am positive she smelled like buttered toast.

I'm sure my sister has not been cooking donuts in vats of boiling oil while caring for three kids. I'm also pretty sure that she didn't make SO much toast that it infiltrated my child's pores. So I ask myself, am I a food halucinator? And is Lauren the trigger? What is happening here?

Today she smelled like buttercream frosting. Really.


Anonymous said...

Some time very soon she really will hit 6 or 9 or 12 months (depends on the kid it seems) and suddenly enter that "cute phase" everyone is telling you about. Really. And besides, those cheeks! Despite the ear-piercing scream that had to accompany them, SO CUTE!! :)

Catie said...

What I notice is that Lauren only smells like fatty carbohydrates. Hmmm... I think your sister is either forcing the children to work in some sort of bakery while you're at work (likely)'re hungry.