Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stewie has been a very good houseguest, aside from the attack on my plants. He doesn't like to hear Lauren cry - he goes to her (even busting in to her bedroom at one point) and checks on her. Once he seems assured that she is ok, he wanders away. I have been nervous about keeping him out of her room, afraid I'll find him curled up on her face, but he listens so well and comes when he's called, so he's easy to keep track of.

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Catie said...

Our oldest cat (Roo) is very sweet around babies and hates to hear them cry. He starts pacing with a very concerned look on his face when a baby starts crying.

Our fluffy cat Petey is a whole other story. He sees a baby as an excellent think to knead. When my friend brought her new baby (she was maybe 3 months old) over Petey put a paw on her to test her squishability and then proceeded to knead the baby like she was bread dough.

Of course we stopped him (after we got photos).