Sunday, June 18, 2006

The new season of Entourage started last week, so of course I was tuned in to HBO, since Jeremy Piven has been a favorite of mine since PCU.

After Entourage, the show Lucky Louie came on. I didn't intend to start watching it - I REALLY don't need another show to be addicted to, but I found it HILARIOUS. Quite raunchy, but very funny. Then I saw him (Louis C.K.) on the Daily Show and he had me rolling, so now I'm hooked on yet another tv show. Thank God for DVR.


Anonymous said...

My husband watched Entourage, but I never got into it. This morning there was a big article in the LA Times about it, then I read about it on your blog tonight. Hmmm.... maybe the TV gods are trying to tell me something! I think I'll watch it with my husband next time. Then I'll have to stay tuned for that other show too, of course!

Tina said...

Since I published this post, both subsequent episodes of Lucky Louie have been extraordinarily raunchy. Great, now I look like a perv. But as bad as it is, I do still find it funny.