Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Had a great trip to NYC. Visited:

Uniqlo - the coolest t-shirt display ever. Got a couple cute ones

Eleni's - got there after 6, stuff was half price, bought a stupid amount of cookies (I'll have the tub and a couple of face creams, two of those dresses, and and a couple of those dad shirts)... I also bought a gorgeous pink cupcake that was as tasty as it was adorable, and a couple mini cupcakes for Jenny that barely survived the trip.

Fat Witch - upon leaving Eleni's in the Chelsea Market, I found Fat Witch next door. I had heard about them on Oprah, I think they were one of her "Favorite Things". I really wanted to like them, but I guess I have to question Oprah's taste because I don't like these brownies AT ALL. Maybe Oprah had one after many days of dieting and that's why it tasted like the best brownie ever. I'd take Pillbury over FW any day.

I also grabbed some pizza, knowing that you pretty much can't go wrong with any pizza place in NYC. The problem was this... the pizza was searing, SEARING hot. Normally I'm impatient because I can't wait to sink my teeth in to the deliciousness. This time, I couldn't wait because I needed to get in a cab to the airport. I bet the pizza would have been delicious if it hadn't been so hot as to take of 3 layers of skin inside my mouth.


Aprille said...

Pretty productive for 1 day - did you get back OK?

Tina said...

I got back about 1am, so a bit of a late night, but still worth it for everything I crammed in my 3 extra hours.

Aprille said...

Extra hours are cool when you can do stuff with them beyond sleeping in a frigid airport...
Let's connect next week, btw