Thursday, July 12, 2007

The World Series of Pop Culture has started up again. Some of the questions are relatively easy, but some are ridiculously hard and I don't know how anyone knows them. I find myself knowing some pretty obscure ones, which is why I thought I might give it a go... I did once have the nickname "TV Guide Tina"... but I bombed out on the online aftershow game tonight... didn't know which ball field Ferris Bueller and his friends went to... I guessed Fenway, but it was Wrigley. As soon as you miss one, BAM, game over. Harsh.

They should do a new game - like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - but with points for the most obscure connections. Here's my first go:

The handyman's name on One Day at a Time was Schneider, which also starred Valerie Bertinelli, who was married to Eddie Van Halen and who is now doing Jenny Craig commercials with Kirsty Ally, who starred in Veronica's Closet with Dan Cortez, who was originally the host of MtV Sports, with Daisy Fuentes, who now has her own clothing line...

ok, this could go on for entirely too long, but it's fun.

Jenny and I used to do a game where we'd give each other a song title and we'd have to type up what we could remember of (or what we thought were) the lyrics. It was challenging, fun and the resulting "songs" were often pretty hilarious.

There are a couple new shows out about knowing the lyrics to songs. I haven't watched them, but I think I'd be good at this - EXCEPT you have to sing them - and I would die of embarassment. I've never done Karaoke and never will. People tell me, "have a few drinks, loosen up." I say, "I would black out from intoxication before I'd have enough liquid courage to get in front of people and sing." And trust me, it's in everyone's best interest that I do not sing.


LadyGypsy said...

I'm watching this every night now and it's amazing how much I *don't* know.

I did get every answer in the "Butt Songs" category right, though. I'm proud. :)

Tina said...

Ladygypsy - as you should be! That is no easy feat! I didn't get the "Thong Song", I was disappointed with myself.