Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Save the Planet & Laugh While You're At It

My day...

Wake the baby up, she's out of sorts with two ear infections, but luckily likes her medicine. Even says "meh e sin", as if asking for more.

Driving in listenting to NPR, hear about the passing of former King of Afghanistan, get choked up - it's going to be a hormonal day.

At work, find out about a HORRIFIC, mean comment on one of my Kodak blog posts about Lauren. Burst in to tears. Stupid idiot with keyboard got to me on my hormonal day.

Go to pick up Lauren, am greeted by the director who warns me about an incident report - Lauren fell, scratched her cheek. She was fine, only cried for a sec, but after nap, it looked worse and might bruise.

See Lauren - AAGHH - scratch covering half her chubby little cheek - and a runny nose to boot. Great, two ear infections, a face wound, and a cold, but handling it like a champ.

Hubby calls, asks me to google "clogged ear" - he's been sick and, though he was well enough to golf today (SHOCKING), he now can't hear out of his right ear (btw, you use warm compresses, take pseudophed, and jump around while contorting your face)

Once online, can't drag myself away. The heat from the laptop is burning my leg. Must visit more websites...

Find a site called Project Phin: Clean my Ride, Flex my Fuel

Many funny videos about the quest to lessen our dependency on oil and help the environment (even if it does mean paying more for popcorn - another tidbit from NPR)... from a guy named Phin - supported comedically (is that a word?) by Ben Afflec, Matt Damon, Jen Garner, Sarah Silverman, Jason Biggs, and more.

Here's the first one:


Anonymous said...

T, I hope Lauren feels better soon! (and chuck too!)


Anonymous said...

UGH! What a bummer of a day! :(
I hope your family all gets healthy soon!!

And did someone really say something mean about your daughter?!?!

I assume they must have just said, "How DARE you, Tina!?! Having a super cute little healthy girl, when everyone KNOWS only horrible mean people deserve such nice things"... oh wait...

yeah, I'm baffled about that one.

But whatever they managed to make up, I'm sorry the sucky people of the world caught you on a bad day. :(