Thursday, October 11, 2007

Could you get me some more crackers, Jerry?

When hubby and I were on our honeymoon cruise (back 16 years ago!!), there were basically two types of people - young, newly married couples and old married couples. Not much in between (except for the two young ladies just out of high school who, looking for romance, made a very unfortunate choice of ships... as the only young, cute, single men were the Czechoslovakian waiters who had to work about 18 hours a day).

Each night at dinner we sat with the same people and had the same waiter - Jerry. He was so nice, very funny, and very attentive. We sat with other newlywed couples and the two young girls. It was a very fun time. Jerry also had a few other tables made up of mostly old couples, with one lady in particular who would always be shouting for Jerry, in a thick New York accent, "Jarry, could you get me some more craaackers, Jarry?!"

Sooo... in talking up a storm, as Lauren does these days, she started to say "Jenny", except it comes out as "Jarry". And when asked to say "Aaron", she does, except it comes out as "Jarry". So Jenny and Aaron are Jerry 1 and Jerry 2. I think Lauren even called them, collectively, "Jerries" the other day, "Jerries go bye bye?".

So we are waiting for her to yell out, "Jarry, could you get me some more craaaackers, Jarry?!"

--> more apple picking pics from Jenny

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